Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roasted Winter Veggie "Vidipe"

This just wouldn't be a real blog without a recipe, would it? While this happens to be a wonderfully simple, healthy, and yummy one, the reason I've posted is because it's a perfectly crafted video for it's home- the web. So I call this a "Vidi-pe." This is what I want, actually need, to play in my kitchen so I can prepare something edible for my family. Pardon the ad, but we're all used to it by now.

Close-up on the food, (no annoyingly bubbly chinwagger telling me about all the extra fiber I'm going to injest), just pleasant and clear narration, light music, a to-the-point "how to" with a recipe right underneath. This works on laptop, ipad, mobile vid...perfect kitchen content. I have a hard enough time trying to follow a recipe and love this idiot-proof packaging and delivery. It's really delicious and yes, we can all use a little more insoluble fiber...gobble, gobble..Here's link with full recipe:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Brave New World

Japan's Biggest Pop Star- A Hologram (this is not a joke...)

If you're familiar with the way the star machine works in Japan then this latest phenom will be no surprise. It's just the latest iteration of the pop music industry creating a collective "idol." Traditionally, good looking young folks are "cast" as musical "talentos"- they don't have to be particularly talented, just cute. They are then trained, packaged and marketed practically to death. When I lived in Tokyo the biggest pop star was Seiko Matsuda. She was everywhere, every tv show, every billboard, every top hit. It was strange. How could she possibly be in so many places at once? Though Matsuda was cute in Japanese terms, she would not have passed the semi-finals on American Idol, or any show where talent mattered. But in Japan, she was an employee of entertainment interests that controlled her every move, her every note. This next generation of holographic idols is a natural progression of a system that everyone was already comfortable with. Question is- where and how will we see it next?
Read more at the UK daily mail: