Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Reason to Watch the Oscars This Year

With all the country-wide educational cutbacks going on these days- why is it always the art and music that are the first to go? It's things like music that inspire kids so much, and what really gives them boatloads of confidence. So the story of how the Staten Island, NY PS22 glee club got invited to sing at the 83rd annual Oscars gives me faith that on some level people know what's right in the world. There is just absolutely nothing like hearing these emotionally unencumbered voices singing popular tunes- well, actually seeing them sing is even more inspirational and heartwarming. One Youtuber comments, "these guys could bring peace to the middle east." Kinda feels true. They are having so much fun. (I guess singing just makes people feel a little happier than doing geometry). This group of 10-yr olds and their incredible teacher were invited by Anne Hathaway herself and they were ecstatic:

Why does growing up have to dampen our spirits so much? And why does hearing children sing so beautifully make us cry?