Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Get Chicks using the Vernacular

I think Alton's right about language here. Science-speak can go in one ear and out the other with no residue of information left behind. I also think it goes even deeper. People who are deep in thought about big problems in science and mathematics are using up a lot of their pre-frontal cortex real estate, the same area where empathy lives, the result being a potentially cool delivery. I've always thought of Alton as "sciency" in his approach to preparing food, I have one of his cookbooks. It's not filled with "food porn" types of images, but sciency explanation and recipes. But with food, and acknowledging what people like and what tastes good, he's bridging the cool world of science with the warm passion for yummy food.  So if indeed he's getting all the chicks (I think he's married tho), it would be for this very unique talent of his. Oh, and the sexy beard.